My HELOC has been sold to this company twice over the last eight years and they are terrible. They offer zero customer service, there is no way to make payments online and they call relentlessly when you're late, but offer no one to speak with if you call ahead of time.

American Express bought my loan back at one time and I do not understand why it was sold to these sharks again. It will keep me from working with AE again in the future for any financing needs.

They are so bad, in fact, that I have received two separate checks for overpayments in the last four months.

And even though I have gotten a divorce and proven it to them, the repayment checks come back in both of our names, making it impossible for me to cash them. These guys should be in jail for their lack of professional protocol.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Boise, Idaho

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