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I am writing in regards to the poor treatment I have received from your staff. Of all the people who've I've come in contact with, there was only ONE who treated me with respect. Actually two, because Mrs. Terry's supervisor did as well.

A little about my story. My husband was souly responsible for insuring our bills were taken care of. When I received the certified letter from you, that is when I realized that that it was not being taken care of. I was hurt and disappointed because I was being misled the same as you were. It of course was worst for me because he was my husband. I called to see what I needed to do to correct this matter. Everyone, including and especially my specialist were rude, unprofessional and plain out hurtful. There I was trying to clear up a matter that I should have known about but didn't and all they saw were $$$ signs. There was no empathy, caring or even careful thoughts that were expressed. I was lied to by them as well. I was told I was three months in the hole and needed to pay the entire thing even though the 3rd payment was not even due yet.

It was Terry who shared with my my options. Who told me what needed to be done (not what I better do our I will lose my house) She was thoughtful and explained the details to me. Which included the 142.96, I was told by her that if paid that, along with the 2 months in the whole, and then set up my 3rd monthly payment to be withdrawn on the 15th, I would be current. By the time I got through speaking with her, I was in tears, for she treated my like a human being. I even spoke with her manager to thank her for even hiring her. I emotionally told the manager how the others treated me and she was very apologetic. I was told I would never experience that from any of them again. However. today, I was again.

I noticed the 142.96 (the exact same fees I owed and paid before) were back on my account. I was told there was nothing that could be done and that I had to pay it again. All of those fees again, for not even being late for I paid that 3rd fee on the 15th. The day before my grace period was over.

I asked to speak with my specialist but she REFUSED to come to the phone. She said for the rep to tell me that there was nothing she could do and that I just needed to pay it-minus the 70 late fee if one haven't been waived before. Again, my payment was post dated to you for the 15th so there should not have been a late fee assessed. The gall of my supposedly rep to not even come to the phone we again, truly disrespectful. As I am typing this message to you, I've been on hold waiting for a supervisor for 20;21 minutes and counting.

Yes, I'm upset, disappointed and disgusted about they way your staff treats hard working and HONEST people. I have mislead you, my husband has. As a matter of fact, I have done everything that has been asked of me up until this point. Including repaying fees that have already been taking care of.

This being said, I'm so done with this bank! I am currently looking for a new company to take over this loan and I DON"T care if my interest rate is higher than what you are outragiously charing me right now! I will NEVER let your staff talk to me the way that they have in the past. Again, I thank Mrs. Terry and her supevisor for being the exception and wish you could clone them. It's apparent your staff is working in a toxic environment and should be cleaned out asap.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. juancmcallister is overall dissatisfied with Everhome Mortgage. The most disappointing about everhome mortgage customer care at Everhome Mortgage was bullying tactics that they use when asking for help , but reviewer liked one representative. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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