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I have had two mortgages with Everhome (EverBank) for 30 years. I just paid them off.

The loans were in my now deceased wife's name. After 4 and one half years of sending the death certificate to Everhome, they still will not discuss the loan with me. Talk about stupidity and frustration. This bank is so out of touch I sent the final payment (guessing at the amount because they won't tell me) and it was $55 short for the satisfaction filing fee.

Instead of cashing the check and asking for the rest, they sent the check back to me and started threatening foreclosure. Meanwhile they still won't talk to me. I was successful finally because one person took pity on me and pretended they were talking to my dead wife and sent the final forms out.

If you are wondering how the banking industry has screwed up our economy - look no further the EverBank. I fondly refer to them as EverIdiots after sending the death certificate for the fourth time.

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The only EverIdiot is you, pal. You and this person who took pity on you and pretended to talk to your dead wife COMMITTED FRAUD!!

They won't talk to you because you were never on the original loan, genius. Just because you made payments and you were married to her, doesn't make it yours.

Get yourself a good lawyer. You'll need it to get your Everidiot self out of prison for attempting to commit fraud.

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