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Everhome took money out of my account over drafted my checking account and made me bounce a half a dozen checks. We got set up with a repayment plan through freddie mac to lower our payment we dont owe a payment till july of 09 .

but guess what everhome took 1,185.00 our orignal payment out plus our repayment amount of 748.00. the payments were to be cancelled but their wonderful customer service never canceled the payment. so now we are negative 344.05 and have no diapers and i visited the food pantry for the very first time this week so we would have food! and borrowed money from my church to buy diapers for my 1 month old!

i hate everhome mortgage there customer service is worthless and nobody knows what they are doing and give you a hundred different stories.

i got a call today from "keith" from everhome mortgage that said we are okayed to have the payment returned to us but amazingly nobody knows who keith is or has a clue about the phone call even being made. just another way to screw people over during these hard times way to go everhome you jerkoffs!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I am having the same problem I am a month behind and making my payments and they just sent my payment back saying they cant except partial payments without prior arrangements! They have turned us donw on every modification!What do they want to do take every house in America?!!!!


They did the same thing to us. Our loan was sold over 2 yrs.

ago to Everhome. We were going to refinance for a lower interest rate. They requested credit card numbers for a credit check. They took the $15.00 out for the credit check, then took $350.00 out then another $500.00 out.

Do not give them your credit card numbers. Also, the loan cost was huge compared to other mortgage companies. I will look elsewhere to refi.

Not with this company ever again. :(


I believe we have the same opinion of Everhome. Our account was sold to them two long years ago, and just pray they will sell us off soon.

My husband has been laid off pretty much the whole year, and they just don't get that we are giving them all of the money we have and they are still hateful. Seven months ago, I called their customer service to change a scheduled auto draft b/c the funds were not there. Well, my account was hit three times in one day, and my bank account(which I have had for 10 yrs)was cancelled b/c they said the amount inwhich they tried to pull was a large sum, and I had authorized it. I feel your pain and frustration.

Keep your head up! 8)

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