This company is the king of BLOOD SUCKING. They bought the loan from another company SAXXON.

The first thing they did was demanded $6,250. to get me back on tract. I paid them $2,400 a month for 4 months. They then said they were modifying in and no payments for 3 months.

They then said they would assist me with modification. I sent them $2,500 to start a forbearance agreement. I called them and they said if I paid for 5 months $2,800. a month they would do a modification.

I paid the requested amount for 6 months. In Feb.2009 they sent me Notice that plan was and new payment would start in March. In March I received notice from new company with original loan amount. When I called I was told "Good Luck".

They used First American Loan mitigation. What they didn't know is that I am a Recording Engineer and recorded all their conversations. I have documents and CD's to back me up.

I am willing to share this with anyone that has or will start a Class Action Lawsuit. These are white collar crooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Everhome Mortgage Mortgage Modification.

Reason of review: Lied About Modification/FalsePromises.

Monetary Loss: $28000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Everhome Mortgage Cons: Unethical.

Location: San Jacinto, California

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Pull up court docs on Everhome/Everbank they had a consent order-several in fact -demanding they stop doing business...State of Florida vs Everhome/Bank.....they still continue to operate fraudulently and just disobey the ruling judges orders. They make so much money they don't care.

Now the game seems to be to send the loans over to another "servicer" Nationstar being their favorite and they are just as bad.....Kick backs are getting spread around like butter.....congress, politicians and the local judges handling these foreclosure cases and rubber stamping them...very scary situation.....I wish these judges would get ON TRACK with the ones that filed the order against them and hit them where it hurts the pocket book!!!!!

No one seems to have the nerve to go up against them but that is nothing new. Banks always win....consumers loose!


same --I have been fighting this for 6 years @$175 an hour.......

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