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Your are better off working with organized crime at least you know where you stand. I had major damage at my home in February and since that time this mortgage company has basically held my insurance money hostage.

Everyone who I have worked with since the damage to my home has been wonderful from the great service and response from Erie Insurance (I can not say how great they have been) to the remediator who was at my house in 1 hour to the General Contractor who is putting my house back together to all the other subs who have gone way beyond the call. Then there is Everhome Mortgage these people have put up hurdle after hurdle to get the money the Insurance company has paid for the repairs. I understand the mortgage company needs to be involved. I sent them the entire check for the repairs which was cut within one week of the adjuster coming to my house.

It then took Everhome 4 weeks to send me the first installment. I was paying out of my pocket nearly 20K to get the project going. After that it took over 3 weeks to get and inspector out to my home for the second installment. After the inspector came out it took another 2 weeks to get the second installment.

Here is the kicker Everhome holds back the last 34% until the job is complete and all liens are signed off. So you guess it yes I have to pay the contractor and then fight to get these people to pay the remainder. I am lucky I have some liquid assets but what do others do if they do not. The thing that really bugs me is everything is done in the 1960's style of 6-8 business days like we do not have computers or any telecommunication equipment.

I know it is a way to make money on money I get it but this should be illegal. This is all found money for the mortgage company to play with, I know my amount is trivial but multiply me by many and you get the picture. The other thing is these people never an I repeat never communicate with you. You have to initiate everything.

Today when asking for some of the additional funding to be released I was told it would need to be at 95% complete. My question is how do I get it to 95% complete if I do not have money to pay the contractor.

IF anyone has a mortgage closing and you see the name Everhome run run fast. As soon as this home repair is finished the first thing I will doing is refinance to anyone but Everhome Mortgage.

They are the exact reason why people hate banks. If you work at this company I wonder how you sleep at night.

Product or Service Mentioned: Everhome Mortgage Mortgage.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $72000.

Preferred solution: Release the funding in a timely manor. Come into the 21st Century and provide electronic transfers. Eliminate the 6-8 business days nonsense.

Store Location: Exton, Pennsylvania

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I experienced the same type of issues with citizens bank. I filed a grievance with the state banking authorities and my funds were released quickly.

The state banking regulators issues fines on banks who are not complaint to state regulations. The all try to make money on other people's money!

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