After speaking with the U.S. department Of Justice on the phone, they asked me to send some details about my experience with Everhome Mortgage and this is what I emailed them:>


This is to alert you about a so-called mortgage management company called Everhome Mortgage having offices in Atlanta, GA., Jacksonville Fl. and maybe other locations, I don't know. Our first communique with this so-called mortgage company was an out-of-the-blue call from one of their reps., telling me they had acquired our mortgage from Bank Of America AKA (BOA) and wanting us to refinance our home. I told him I was not yet aware of such a transaction and that I would not discuss anything until we received official notification from our current mortgage company.

I did not mention our mortgager's name. He started to get pushy, so I hung up on him. We received three more calls from Everhome before we received notification from BOA stating that they in fact had sold our mortgage to this group. I shrugged "oh well" and prepared to go through payment address changes and all that normally comes along when one mortgager sells your mortgage to another.

Then we received another call from Everhome's rep about refinancing and I told him we were not interested and that we would contact them should we change our plans. The rep, who sounded like the same guy that I had to hang up on a few calls before, started to get arrogantly loud again, so I gave him an *** and told him never to call my home again. Feeling kind of queasy about this new mortgage holder, my wife and I decided to send our payment by two day priority mail, with receiver signature required and we don't send checks for payments, only money orders. That way we minimize the amount of our banking information that gets out there.

I don't allow firms access to our banking info if it at all possible. I'm a 27+ year I. T. pro, I know better.

That very same day we received another phone call from Everhome Mortgage, but this time it was their collections department. I asked why were they calling, before our payment was even late once and she said it was a courtesy call, which they do if they hadn't received the payment by the first. I then explained that I'd just mailed it two day priority, with receiver signature required and asked her to take down the United States Postal Service AKA (USPS) tracking & confirmation number. She refused to take it, but asked for our banking information and I refused to give her that, as is my practice.

I suggested they check our pay history, of which I knew they should have received from BOA and also explained that we were well aware of when our payments are due, as well as what date of the month they would be late after and didn't need the calls and to please stop them. She stated that I'd have to send them a written request by mail. I asked why could I not just write the request, sign it, scan it in and email it? She replied saying they were not setup to receive it that way.

"REALLY"? Do you believe that? I think they just don't want any kind of electronic paper trail. In any case, I tracked the payment via USPS online and verified that the payment was received on the scheduled day, a full week before it would have been late.

Since then, we have received at least five calls from Everhome Mortgage's collection arm, stating that they have not received our payment, even though there are two more days before our payment is late. Each time the rep had refused to except the USPS track & confirmation number, until today. Why did they except it today you might ask? Could it be because I informed the rep that they weren't the only one recording our phone calls.

I informed her that as they said they had been doing, I also was recording our calls on my end. Immediately she asked for the USPS track & confirmation number that I had offered so many times before. Our mortgage has been in very good standing throughout the entire time it was held by Bank Of America and CountryWide Home Mortgages, prior to BOA taking them over. Now the even more troubling part.

I decided to do a search online for complaints about this so-called mortgage company "Everhome Mortgage". People, the complaints about them out there are innumerous, all bad and consistent. They receive mortgage payments within alloted time from people, but either they don't post them, or at the least say they haven't received them in order to extract those extremely high late fees that they charge. This is a purposeful scam and you already have enough people out there getting in mortgage trouble because they really can't pay.

You don't need more people getting in mortgage trouble because of criminal activities by so-called mortgage companies. As you can see I and mine are going to be fine because we never trusted these ***-bags in the first place, but how many more folks are going to have to loose their homes because of Everhome Mortgage and cons like them, before some US agency investigates them?

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Crooks- Liars - Thieves :(


This is interesing as my mortgage was bought by them from regions bank, never any problem there.

Well i got one month behind because they sent my payment back. I also have a FHA loan with a fixed rate, which they did try to get me to refinanace(did not do) Anyhow, they sent my payment back , saying they will not accept partial payemnts. This was not a partial payment, Then i made escrow only payments and it never filled the escrow shortage and they said they posted it to my mortgage but it did not show online. then my online access has been disabled ......they sent someone outr to take pictures of my home and me, i was irraate beccause he was taking picture from his car as my kids got off the bus, *** , well after that the past few years my PMI insurance is still on my mortgage which should have been taken off after 5 years it is now 10 years , and i fell behind and they are trying to foreclose in 2 months , they said the person can help me Is "HEAVAN LAND" i said thats no real person they said yes , i called asked for this person , they are never there but they told me not to pay my mortgage, to get a modification, which i thought was FHA related , not... what i found out from a neighbor is they want our houses , they say dont pay we will help and to ignore foreclosure notices but they will foreclose and take your home , why?? we live in HEAVAN LAND , our area is newly growing and our proprty has 15 -25% increase in value because of our location, our neighbors have lost htere house theres wasnt FHA, i lied and told them i had a 2nd mortgage and asked if the mortgage cared if we have a Terminite infestation , like a blonde (on purpose) to make them not want my home , they have been really helpful since and even take partial payments , lol , guess they figured it may not be a quick flip with the termites and second mortgage, IDK but HEAVAN LAND is not a person it is a code , WE WANT THIS HOUSE...who do i go to for help with getting rid of the PMI and finding out what happened to my extra payments to my escrow shortage my payments went form 525mo to 593mo since they took over but i didnt want a change i sent the payments to them for the escrow to cover the insurance increase.

dont trust them


I'm going thru a devastating time with this mortgage company :cry


Sounds like your an ***, that really doesn't know that your payment is due on the due date not when you feel like, so guess what? do you think the mortgage company is going to say "here how about I give you 160 k, but dont worry you can pay me later?

" UMMM *** NO! Maybe instead of bashing because youre bored and didnt get your way, maybe you can do something productive and oh... I dont know... pay bill.

Im suprised you were even approved for a mortgage. I guess they just give any *** a mortgage these days...


Hey Everhome Mortgage/Bank EMPLOYEE/STOCK HOLDER/OFFICIER, that's a good one. We, the mortgage consumers are not going to stop speaking out against this crook of a company and it's cronies, just because you have bad manners, a warp sense of contractual law and can cuss like a 1950s sailor.

It would be useless to try and educate you on the fine points of mortgage contracts and protocol, so I won't attempt it, but the pressure stays on and will be heightened. Tell your Everhome buddies to stop their devious practices and maybe they'll make a few honest bucks for a change. If they can't manage that, stop buying into mortgage contracts that they obviously don't want to honor. And your cuss ladened beginning sentence should read "you're an ###", not "your an ###".

Gotcha!!! :grin :roll


Its obvious that you work for Everhome


:p Never thought of recording Everhome phone calls, or money orders and priority mail. Good move informing the dept.

of justice. , ,) ) ,)


I believe I will be the next one to contact the authorities. Class action in my opinion is our next move.

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