i am so upset that gmac sold my acct. to this company i have never heard about. i have another acct with gmac and they also sold this acct. everhome does not work with you and customer service sucks i receantly went through some financial problems and customer service were the most rudest people i have ever had to deal with. i am looking for new bank i dont know if i am more pist of at everhome or gmac. so if you are looking for a bank to help you make sure it is not everhome (big mistake).

best of luck

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kim.mcmanus@everhomemortgage.com, mary.braddock@everhomemortgage.com, renee.holmes@everhomemortgage.com,

CORPORATE OFFICE (no better than CustServ) 904-281-9000; hit 1# to dial by name or number; koster# (President); follow directions for dial by name (just as bad as customer service but call and insist on help); scan and email everything go them since they are very shady and have no ethics (they even lie with emails but don't let them protect your home and family). GOOGLE THEM AS THEY HAVE OFFICES IN OTHER PLACES, I.E., COLUMBIA, MD, ATLANTA - - any problems with payments send them via Western Union = 12.50 same day delivery (you can scan copy and send to them) they are definitely crooks - When you dial by name try a couple combinations to figure out emails of people you need since they don't want documentation.

File HUD RESPA complaint (bv law have to respond, but still don't), Office Thrift Supervision, senators, congressmen, governors, press, and whoever else you can to protect yourself -- even contact the Courthouse if they have filed false documentations for foreclosure (they steal escrow and refuse to give information on money consumers pay.

They lie about everything even if you have proof, then say don't call or email information just mail it -- you mail, fax, certify mail (they still don't receive it). Sending email to them is legal and it protects you and this is why they told me not to send...

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Everhome bought my loan from the previous mortgage company. They are unbelievably rude and unhelpful, nasty, and stonewall every time I ask them for anything. To the point that I don't even want to negotiate with them anymore and am now hoping for a fast foreclosure to get this vicious company off my back.


Everhome may be a perfectly capable company when it comes to servicing a mortgage, but may whatever god you worship be with you if you ever find yourself in need of speaking to these folks.Their customer service reps are hostile and actively aggressive in engaging you when you call.

I have attempted to be patient and accommodating, but the multiple times that I have had to interact with their support and sales staff, and including their supervisors, to a person, each has been hostile and rude in resolving issues -- the managers even worse than the staff.

Their staff is stand-offish and assumes from the minute that they pick up the phone that you are going to criticize or blame them for something.I look forward to the day that I can refinance my loan to another lender.


My local bank also sold my mortgage to Everhome. I had never heard of them, but I find their customer service and their online services to be vastly superior to my former mortgage holder. I am sorry you are having problems, but I do recommend Everhome.

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