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EverHome bought my loan from Irwin, til then all was OK. Then I never was notified that EverHome had bought the mortgage I continued to pay Irwin.

Then finally I found out about EverHome they offered to direct debit my account which was good for me for the way I work. Well the next thing I know I get a letter stating that I was late with my payment that they never do direct debit. I had in my hand a letter stating that direct debit would begin April 12, 2007. The customer service man told me to shut my F----- mouth I had not cussed this man.

He liked to use the "F" word a lot. i asked for a supervisor, I am still waiting on the supervisor. I called back the next day and asked for a supervisor undoubtedly they have none. Then I found the name of a vice president of EverHome she sure takes a lot of vacations as every time I cal she is on vacation.

I wonder if she exists.

Then I send in my payment more than enough to cover any arrearage then check my credit bureau report to see if they had issued it there they had. I sent all 3 credit bureaus the info and 2 of 3 corrected the error. Any way EverHome began sending back my payment stating that I had not sent in enough to make the arrearage. So being a smart aleck I sent in a $164,409.12 check which should pay off the mortgage it to was returned as not enough to cover the arrearage.

So my house went into foreclosure, then on May 21,2009 while I was out of town the home burnt down from a lightning strike. Guess who was there first with there hand out for insurance money, that is right EverHome.

Now about two weeks ago I received a letter from EverHome demanding Homeowners insurance be placed to protect there interest or they would place it on there for me. My attorney is laughing all the way.

Folks if you are having trouble and you feel EverHome or any one has breached your mortgage which is a contract call an attorney and sue the pants off these companies, you well be surprised how fast they retract there worries, and you may win enough in a settlement to buy several homes.

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Please send me any attorney's names you have I can contact.I also am dealing with the crooked Everhome Mortgage co.they tell you one thing & do another.THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!!

Me & my wife are disabled and I am contacting a local lawyer in my area who deals with these issues & I am also going to file a suit for discrimanating against people that are disabled.They basically violated the American with Disabilities Act.

Please send me any info you can & I will send you the info I find out.My email is


I would like to be contacted by someone who has filed suit against Everhome Morgtage.I became disabled in 2009 & have dealt with the same issues listed in the complaints above.

Please contact me at if you have the name of a good attorney or how you dealt with Everhome.


Stay away from them they are corrupted, crooked horrible and rude! :(


Stay away from them they are corrupted, crooked horrible and rude! :(


Copy, scan and email everything to Everhome. Document everything.

They took over in May 2006, and also awent up over a hundred (last three years) claiming my taxes or insurance went up after I called. Everyone I talked to told me a different lie, so I called MD tax office and Statefarm-taxes up 220, Everhome up 1400, I email them the names and phone numbers of the people I spoke to and then they sent a letter claiming to put 1300+ into escrow, some invisible escrow which after this time was added to my escrow putting it into the hole - never sending me any statements no matter how many times I asked and wrote, no cancel PMI. Last Jan. bal.

was 4248, paid 4800 (foreclosing for 2200) rest of 2800 into some invisible escrow or something. These people are greedy crooks. If you need to protect your home, go to the courthouse and file your own suit and request all documents that pertain to you and your loan. They now want to foreclose for 2200 - my entire balance??

But I have received no mail for months from them.

I called the courthouse about them reporting me in default of my loan when I had missed no payments. I even took my receipts there to prove I had paid...


I, too, have Everhome as my "servicer" It was sold from Irwin. Almost immediately they started raising my payment due to increases in taxes/insurance.

My payment started out w/Irwin at $1158. Payment when my house was foreclosed upon in Sept. 2010. - $1,678.00!!!

Whose taxes/insurance go up that much?? Needless to say, I've searched out an attorney.

I'm hoping for the best. Good luch to everyone dealing with this nit-wit company.


they told me they were lowering my interest rate as well as my mortgage payment only to find out they went behind my back & sold my home back to Fannie Mae & now the both of them plan on making money off of my hard earned property! Were they do that at?


Ever home mortgage told me in april 2009 they were lowering my interest rate from 6or7% down to 4or5% under the new Obama administration anyone with a Fannie Mae loan we're going to lower your interest rate and make your mortgage affordable instead of 700.00 a month your new payments will be about 450.00or550.00 a month something you can afford but instead, they sent me a letter via their attorney's office Johnson&Friedman September.4 2009 telling me they're selling my home

October 8 2009 a day after my 43rd birthday with no correspondence in between whether I qualified or not. They just snatched my property from me & now it's back in the possession of Fannie Mae & I'm trying to have the sale of my home rescinded only to be evicted by my local sheriff dept.

at gunpoint March 26 2010 & sentenced to 3 days in the county jail & for what?

All because I was promised a lower interest rate and mortgage payment by Fannie Mae & Ever home Mortgage company. Please holla if you hear me & if you're tired of getting ripped off by big business & the Government that allows it to go on day after day after day!

to gary e. ligon Hinsdale, New Hampshire, United States #630648

This story (apart from the dates, place and arrest) could have been taken straight out of my father's mouth... He went through NHHFA who then moved it to Chittendon Bank after having the mortgage for 7 years, Chittendon sold it to Everhome Bank...

He applied for a mortgage modification (which was only 70 dollars) eligibility trial period was 3 months, according to the agreement, along with the home owners insurance they took over, they started saying after 6 months that he was not making the payments and that he didn't have homeowners insurance which they had been given all the info on in order to even get the mortgage in the beginning, they sat on the last 4 payments, then they told him to pack up and leave, (they returned those 4 original checks with letters which they had sat on saying they never received them in the first place(interesting that they had them to send back, amounts and check numbers on file) of course after court)... At the time of foreclosure the balance was 54000, equity was over 110000 which they got from the government, they sold it forward 1,5 years later for only 29000 which we could have been able to put together...

They are ***... :(


Now give your attorney something that will make everhome cuss them selves. That would be a certified forensic mortgage audit.

Since a crime "may" have been committed the paperwork will tell the story. Once the audit is done all the violations will then be used to create a complaint ready to file in court. It will be state and local municipality specific. 90% of your lawyers work is done.

Where can you get one of these. is where. Once you have gone to the website to learn more about what can be done about these rotten mortgage companies contact to start the process of taking back this country one home at a time.

Once your attorney sees the complaint he will see just how complete this audit is he will know that all you now have to do is wait for them to call asking how much to make you go away. They don't want a jury of 12 homeowners thinking they were defrauded as well.

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