Our mortgage was sold to Everhome Mtg. from GMAC.

They are difficult people to work with on so many levels. When with GMAC, we were allowed to split payments so that we would pay bi monthly. We did this for years, never had a problem. As soon as Everhome took over, their main objective has been to make sure their rules are never bent, they do not care what is happening in your life (I became ill, had to stop working, went on disability), and not once did they make any effort to try to help resolve payment plans, etc.

Their ONLY concern is that you get Late charges (even if you pay the late fee w/yr payment) they still charge you. They say to put in writing all the problems you are dealing with in making your payments so they can go to their "Board" and try to arrange a solution to help. Well, we did this, two months later their response was "We're sorry there is nothing we can do to help, either pay all the fees or we'll proceed with our foreclosure proceedings'. They are not here to help you, when we always paid on time before my illness.

Most mortgages companies don't charge you to go online to make a payment, well Everhome makes certain they get their $12 if you do. They are money grubbing, their purpose it simply to collect a debt, so why do they call themselves a mortgage company, and instead DEPT COLLECTOR!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Everhome Mortgage Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Store Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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