It's so humorous how an individual can take time precious time to write a negative review about a company and never take the time to write something good about the company when something postive has been done. Be fair and understanding. There is no way when i'm reading reveiws of companies, there is no good deeds being commented on, not one.

My mortage company is Everhome Mortgage and I have never had any problems with them. My previous company was NetBank and during my time with them I had one incident where my taxes were not paid on time; however, they corrected the problem and appologized for their error.

Some individuals make a mountain out of a molehill. In ending, when someone has done something good for you, take the time to praise just like you have taken the time to deprecate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Everhome Mortgage Mortgage.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Everhome mortgage sucks, credit the account late to add fees, expect if you fall behind you can pay the full amount due, never return calls, I miss Opteum mortgage, they were fair and great customer service. I would never recommend Everhoime, the also added to my monthly payment when they took over the loan, what crooks.


this company doesnt own my note but they are still foreclosing on my house. THATS ILLEGAL!!!

they changed my locks illegaly, charged me fees for things that never occured and are harassing my family that has nothing to do with my mortgage. your are right this is a great company.

I think its humorous you choose to come on a site which complains about a company to write a "good review". you are just dumb!!


shut up u loser.....1 good thing out of 1000 bad ones great battin av. no1 gives a *** that ure the one person they didnt ***. work in law and ull understand the illegal things this comp has done!


I have a mortgage with them too. I came to this site after reading about people being foreclosed on who owned their homes outright just to see where Everhome stands.

I, too , have never had a problem with them.

I make my pmts on time, I pay my own taxes and insurance. So far, so good.





If you read the reviews of a company and there are no positives - not one - then would you stop and wonder if there were reasons for all the negativity? I guess, in your case, you'd presume that everyone else was wrong. Well, I invite you to do so and pretty soon you'll see that maybe you were just a bit naive - and ***, to boot.


I guess that you are not reviewing your history in payment applications. You should ask Everhome to send you an account history for the last six/seven years. You may be surprised when you finally receive it!

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