I fought with everhome mortgage for about 3 years trying to get my house put on the right lot I called so many times I can't remember how many it was costing me extra taxes I don't know how many aerial photos I faxed them and they kept saying there was nothing wrong I went to the county tax department they said they owed me money but couldn't give me more than two years back I had gotten ahold how's the title company I said the house was setting on the wrong lot they told me if ever home would release the title for one day they would straighten it out I called back everhome mortgage and they said the lady I was talking to left on vacation in EuropeI told him if they didn't get it straightened out by February I was going to quit and leave when I finally took the house back they couldn't do it until I had a lot straightened out wonder that

Product or Service Mentioned: Everhome Mortgage Mortgage.

Location: Ellettsville, Indiana

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