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Everhome Mortgage in Lake Worth, Florida - Horrible Customer Service

One can only hope that this company sells its portfolio. I have dealt with at least 10 mortgage companies is my lifetime and this company is the pitts. I put 20% down on my mortgage and it was my choice to escrow or they won't let me pay my own taxes....I had no choice where my mortgage went. I will never let this happen to me again. Customer service rep told me to just file bankrupcy. I was so shocked and astounded at that reponse I thought I would fall out of my chair. I am sure the investors would love that.
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Everhome Mortgage Mortgage

Everhome Mortgage in Houston, Texas - Refused to correct loan documentation

keep sending data to mother-in-law who has been deceased for more than 10 years. keep wishing to speak with father-in-law who has dementia. have sent power of attorney and deed records for over 10 years and Everhome mortgage refuses to correct matters. these are beyond a shadow of a doubt the most non-responsive *** on the planet. they have like government assume the position that they are above the law and they answer to nobody. if the person that owes the note were to pass away they would deserve for the insurance company never to pay off
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They are horrible, crooked and corrupted!!

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Everhome Mortgage Mortgage

Everhome Mortgage in Chicago, Illinois - Not paying escrow bills on time

In September they insisted that the Insurance had been paid yet the Company never received it. After the policy went delinquent, I paid the premium out of pocket and was later reimbursed by Everhome. Summer taxes were very close to being late. Now winter taxes have not been received by the township treasurer. Everhome advised that it was a lump sum check sent for several accounts. Makes me think they needed to save on a couple of stamps. I'm now within 2 weeks of being delinquent on taxes. There must be a way to cancel an escrow account and maintain it myself without having to pay out large closing cost to refinance with another company. Dennis S.
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Everhome is a piece of work. They have screwed us two years in a row now with taxes that we are so upside down on our house it's ridiculous.

They say the taxes went up and clearly they haven't (I have looked them up) but continuously adding additional costs to our account. We went from a $1600 house note to a now whopping $2200 note for a house that cost us $160k. We owe more on our house than it's worth. When you call you get a different person every time and I don't guess any of them talk because it's always a different answer.

What is wrong with the world today!!!! So frustrating.


:) :grin I to have had problems with everhome with payments to my insurance co. Thank goodness that tomorrow I will no longer have to be apart of this company. We are closing on a refinance and hopefully they will send all money from our escrow account in a timely manner.


Everhome failed to pay the annual insurance premium from the escrow account that Everhome collected from me. The insurance agent called and was told that Everhome does not escrow the insurance payment although Everhome paid the same insurance premium and account the year before.

The insurance coverage lapsed due to non payment. Then Everhome imposed its insurance at two and a half times the cost. Everhome refuses to acknowledge the error or refund my money.

I must now take Everhome to court over this obvious error. :(





today, jul.28, i discovered this mind blowing "pissed" site. after dealing w/ everscum for over a year, we finally got the loan mod.

via fedex. at first, when i saw the return add., i handed it to my husband and said "more bad news from everscum" he groaned as he always had when everscum came to the door. but when he opened it, at first it looked like we'd have reason to celebrate. oooooooooooohhh nooo!

not yet. upon closer examination of the enclosed docs, i noticed the harrassing list of numbers that were accompanied by a list of costs that have been included in the first five year payment structure; of course costs incurred by us via everscum was all the back money that they originally said not to pay during the process of loan modification. part and parcel of mortgage monies... in excess of 5k.

not to mention foreclosure fees/costs and a so-called property inspection fee- which to the best of our knowledge, never even took place. how do THEY do inspections now? from satalite? so...

in actuality, after an excess of 1 year of overwhelming frustration, threats of foreclosure, ruined platinum credit and a huge, extra, unexpected, unwarrented and probably illegal chunk of money tacked in the mix, our bottom line is as bad if not worse than before we started dealing with this @!#$ company. i spoke to NM processing today, after being referred to them by HUD out of santa monica who said that over 80% of consumers don't get their loan mod as hoped and falsely made to believe. she said banks and lenders can make their own rules and do what they want. our docs have a deadline date attached.

it needs to be read, explored, scrutinized, interpreted and notarized in less than ten days. everscum didn't have a timeline to adhere to. after the first lousy experience we had with them, we should have been able to say: you know what? we're changing mortgage companies and you have exactly 10 days to help us satisfactorily or you can do without our business and our $149,348.04!!!

let's try to band together and make it our dream goal to get these *** to do a good job... the right thing or be held financially liable. ACCOUNTABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY. we have mortgages to pay, insurance to come up with getting no equity in our overpriced bird houses so that when they begin to screw, all we can do is bend over.

please respond if you have any good suggestions as to what we, the consumer, can do against this muddled up mess we're in.

hope to hear from you soon. J&T


Wow, I loan was transferred from Irwin to Everhome and things went downhill from there. I am in forclosure now due to them getting so behind on my taxes and insurance that they raised my mtg from 750 to 1300 per month!

I called and called, was misguided and given the wrong info and all their CSR's had to say was "sorry ma'am i'm not sure who could have given you that information" before the new CSR would proceed to tell me another lie!

Something should be done about this company. And mind you I checked my statements and called to ask them about my taxes due to a hike in my city and they said that I was covered.


Everhome Mortgage didn't pay the insurance on time and it was cancelled. Now they've messed up on the escrow account that I've been over paying and state I owe them.


Everhome has always been a pain about getting our flood insurance paid. Today we got our 1098 and it listed a $45 charge late fee for our property taxes. I've had it!!


I just got a notice that Everhome didn't pay my insurance either. I will have to pay it myself and sue Everhome.

I have reported the company to the Florida Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau. I recommend that others due the same. On another board, a poster said Everhome didn't pay his taxes for 3 years and the home was scheduled to be sold.

He also said he unknowingly didn't have insurance for the same 3 years. Everhome clearly is a fraudulently company that needs to be investigated by the proper authorities; this will not happen if people do not file complaints with the State's AGs office.


OMG, I am glad I am reading this about Everhome. I have to check my escrow now to see if they had been paying mine.

I sent them the tax bill the minute I received it and guess what, I received another tax bill as if I never got the first one. Now it makes me wonder but I won't resend it because they pay it and if they get a penalty for being late, then let them.


Add my name to the list of escrow payment problems. Everhome was billed more than a month ago for the homeowner's insurance and did not pay in time. Now I have to invest my time and effort to get them to do what they were supposed to in the first place.


I would agree with the other consumers. We have received numerous tax bills stating we owe - but we have always been escrowed. They keep saying they are fixing it - still waiting.


comment to BKNB-

your PMI is set based on the original finance amt of your loan, they will not review and reset the amount that you are paying in PMI until you have enough (20+%) equity in your home to nullify the need for PMI ,and even then- you have to ask for a mortgage analysis and usually have to pay for a new appraisal. The rason your new PMI payment is so much less with Countrywide has nothing to do with the company and everything to do with more equity in your home then when you initially financed with Everhome.

On a separate note- i am very concerned about the info that I read here regarding escrow payments being sent by Everhome. Note to self- watch how they pay mine and follow up with HUD if necessary!! Thanks for the advise!


My wife and I are having problems with citi mortgage not paying our escrow taxes. She has contacted them 7 times within the last month to see what the problem is and she keeps getting the run around.

Now the county has sent us a letter stating we're late.

We contacted them again and we got the same story..

"We'll pay it within a week" We got the same story a month ago. Is there anything I can do to force them to pay up on my property taxes?


I say we bombard HUD in Oklahoma city about everhome. I know for FHA loans Hud governs them. They helped me when everhome was late on my insurance,then my taxes!


everhome failed to pay my insurance policy,so it was cancelled. i was unaware of the cancellation until a full year later when everhome sent me a letter stating that the terms of my loan required homeowners insurance!

I called them and they said they mailed the payment but the check was never processed and a new policy was never issued.

I got new insurance and when it came time to pay my yearly premium it was paid a full day late. :(


We just got switched to Everhome from our original mortgage co. They neglected to pay insurance from our escrow acct.

and now our policy has expired. Looks like I am in good company


WOW they did the same to us. Think I will look for another Mortage Co.


I thought is was just me. My insurance got cancelled an then they charge me for some outrageous insurance that they use and my taxes are always late.

Sounds like we all need to fill complaints will the proper authorities.

I don't know whom that would be.


Wow!! I thought I was the only one everhome was screwing.

After numerous complaints,and calls to fha/hud they finally paid my home insurance. They "claimed" they never recieved a bill,altho its the same company i've had for years. They are now 2 months late in paying my taxes. Again,I have fha/hud after them as it is a fha loan.

The house is in my name,loan is in ex husbands. Despite being given permission to speak to everhome 5 years ago they won't even talk to me now. They "claim" they don't have permission to speak to me. After all this,im going to have to pay for a mortgage analysis.

Everhome says the pay off is $5000 more than it should be. Don't deal with this company!!!


I'm having the same problem with them every year I'm paying more money towards ecrow last year it was 1300 this year it's 2700 my pmi is 267 there has to be something we can do about this!!


I had the same issue. I really dislike Everhome and wanted to get out!!

I refied recently through Countrywide and now I am doing my own escrow account. I will pay the taxes and insurances myself when it is due. My closing costs were much less since I did not have to pay the escrow upfront. I contacted my insurance company and told them the info and each time it is due they will send a letter to my mortgage company after I pay it to let them know it was paid.

Just as a heads up, a week after my mortgage was paid off by Countrywide, Everhome came back and charged me my PMI. Also once the loan is paid off (by the new mortgage company) it takes 15-30 days before Everhome will mail you your escrow refund. Also by doing a refi through another company, my PMI is now almost $200 less a month than I was paying with Everhome.

Good LUCK!! GLAD TO BE AWAY from that company!!!

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Everhome Mortgage Mortgage

Everhome mortgage

I would like to know if anyone else is having trouble with the way they handle escrow. It looks like they are trying to get to high of monies in the account when mortgage was sold they are trying to say the account was short by more than a thousand dollars. I called and try to explain that the way they are figuring I will have more than 700 dollars in the account even after the required amount of reserve money is left this based on 12 months they came up that the monies are distributed on different months don't matter to me 12 month is 12 months.
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I am so furious i could scream i was current with my loan payments until i lost my job in 2007. i contacted everhome since my husband is on disability to see if they could lower or payments from 1,100.00 a month to 600.00 a month.

this house has a mold issue needs a new roof and windows. They not being the original lmortgage company said no you need to pay the whole amount.I simply could not do it. I had a 5,000.00 rearage on the first mortgage company that is why ever more would not hep. GREEDY Bastards.

They have put the house in foreclosure and have tried twice at auction to sell the place. I still live here after being here for 12years.I am not budging till i get handed a piece of paper from the sheriff telling me i have six months to either come up with the amount they sold it at auction or six months to move out. This last time my husband found a piece of paper saying I need to call everhome asapi called aftewr not hearing from them fdor months and they just informed me that they have pt the house up for auction on april 29th.People the last i knew they had sent the work to have this property sold to Trott and Trottin farmington hills. I tried to contact them when this happened But everhome RUDELY told me that the no longer were dealing with this and handed it over the attorneys in Farmington.

These people were also Rude. I have GOD on my side I tried to work something out with everhome but it was not enough money nomthly to satisfy them.

THEY ARE GREEDY RUDE INCOMPETENT BASTARDS.How professional to leave a small slip of paper inserted in between the twqo front doors only to have it bloww into the corner of the porch to have you call the mortgage company as soon as possible after months of absolutely no contact . They are a scam anf d fraudulent company.


I seem to be experiencing the same

propblems others are having with this company. I hope it gets better or

I will have to re-finance or something. :cry


I have no problems with my escrow account. I recently completed a refinance and my loan offficer (Bill) was great.

Completed whole process in 18 days, without hassle,

If your having problems with an escrow maybe you should opt out. Its permissable if your loan is over 2 years old.


That's right, but why would you let them to keep your money, the money are ours. Those people working for Everhome are so brainwashed (I can hear the instructions they are given when we complain).

I doubt that they are so *** not figure it out when I lead them with the facts.

It is truelly successful hypnosis they are in :-((

I am not giving up!


yes everhome is ripping us off on escrow i have a house in fl and the taxes and ins have been going down every year and the escrow always goes up because of a shortage that constantly goes up but what do you do the only answer is to refinance without an escrow acct please respond back to email

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Everhome Mortgage Mortgage