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We started to fall behind on our house mortgage with Everhome around April of 2010. This was due to the state of Michigan saying that because we were working out of State we didn't qualify for the homestead exception. They raised our land taxes and issued us back taxes for the years we had been in out of state for work 2007-****.

The taxes made our payments go up almost three hundred dollars the spring of 2010. Work was slow as well, and had been since summer of 2009, and we were unable to keep up on the payments.

During all this time we had been trying to sell our home in Michigan. We just couldn't get any offers; it seemed no one wanted to buy a regular priced house anymore, just a foreclosure or short sale home.

The last week of June I had the money to make a payment and at that time I was two months behind. My plan was, as soon as I came up with a payment I would just call it in, so I was early for July and had until the 15th to make a payment. I did my payment over the phone to Everhome on the 29th of June , and on the 9th of July I left to go back to Michigan and didn't return until 18th. When I got the mail I seen that a letter dated the 7th of July had been mailed out form Everhome to notify me that I had left a zero off my bank account number and Everhome could process my payment. I called my bank and set up an automatic money transfer or wire and then called Everhome to tell them that it was on its way and I just needed some info for the money transfer/wire. It was then that they informed me that I was three months in default and that they would not take my payment. I off course said that was crazy and I was sending it anyway and they told me they would just send it back. Everhome told me that I would have to make two payments to get my account out of default. That was over three thousand dollars and if I was having trouble coming up with the current payments how was I going to get three thousand plus. This was on the 19th of July, four days past my grace period!

I was told by customer service that Everhome was going to foreclose on me and to fill out paperwork for the Making Home Affordable program. I got the papers on line that day and began the long process of trying to get some help. I requested a deed in lieu or a short sale. I had everything clearly marked that I wanted to sell the property, and that it was vacant. In my hardship letter to Everhome I stated that I wanted to give the home back or sell it as a short sale. This all started in July and kept going until the week before my foreclosure Sept 16, 2010. Everhome told me that (after sending them two sets of the same paperwork); I had filled out the wrong papers for what I wanted to do. I ask the girl at Everhome to email me the correct paperwork and she sent me the exact same forms. I will just note at this point that I went just a bit Postal on anyone at Everhome I could scream at. I faxed them all the important info to let them know that they were full of ***, and sent it to them. I demanded to speak to a supervisor that told me on the 23rd of September that *** Mae doesn't do a deed in lieu and that they wasn't enough time to process anything further on my account. I was told that I could continue to try for a short sale, and that was my only option.

I'm now in the process of trying to do my short sale and they have already lost my documents once and requested another set. I only had 45 days (until April 15th, 2011) for the offer that was made on our house, and they have burned up almost all of that. I feel that they are cashing in on all of the mortgage insurance we had to pay and don't care if they sell our house or not.

I have contacted my second mortgage holder on the property and talked with them about doing a unsecured loan if Everhome excepted our offer. I filled out the papers for the short sale company that my realtor uses. I have done all I can, offers are hard to come by and I only have until September 30th, 2011 to this.

I call Everhome mortgage and ask them this: "Is Everhome Mortgage actively working on Short Sale in a timely manner". So far no one will tell me YES; I even talked with a girl yesterday that said she was sure but could didn't understand the question. I said well I want to know if your wanting to do a Short Sale with me or if you are just collecting my mortgage insurance and don't care. She said she was almost sure they were, so I asked her to check and she put me on hold for 20 minutes. I never did hear back on that I had to go to work, 20 minute is too long to wait on phone.

Now Everhome has informed us that we only had 6 months to redeem our property and by Michigan Law anything over 3 acres is a 12 month redemption period! My Short Sale Rep has sent 5 set of required documents to get them to review my account and they still keep saying I'm past my 6 months redemption period and my account is closed. We sent the a copy of the actual foreclosure notice posted on our home by Everhomes Attorneys and it says 12months for properties over 3 acres. We got someone at Everhome to agree on that part but they say I only own 2.57 acres, even though my survey that is on file with the county where i live says 3.57 acres. These Bastards are the worst, they transfer you, put you on hold, lie, waste time with losing papers, they just redirect and put off to waste as much time as they can!

I have filed a complaint with the Office of Thrift and Supervision, a Federal Government Dept that deals with illegal Mortgage Companies. I encourage and beg each of you with complaint on Everhome Mortgage to do so as well. That will help everyone if they get as much information on Everhome and there wrong dealings.

Everhome Mortgage Company is also owned by Everbank from what I can tell, they are listed on the Office of Thrif and Supervision's website as being investigated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Everhome Mortgage Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

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OMG, ive been trying for months JUST TO GET THE PAPERWORK for a deed in lieu, i have literally had them send it to me 10-15 times, still havent recieved anything. From the moment i fell behind they have wanted NOTHING but the full balance($2000 and rising) and refuse to take a months rent(told me they would send it back), after ripping me for not making payments and refusing to take a payment they still have the gall to "remind" me that i still need to make my monthly payments, EVEN THOUGH THEY JUST SAID THEY WOULDNT TAKE A MONTHS RENT ARRRRGH!!!

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