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Everhome Mortgage issued us a mortgage refund check on house sale when we moved to another state. The check was sent to the address of the SOLD house. It was forwarded twice to us and we deposited it on the 60th day after date of issue. What are the odds? Their checks are only good for 60 Days.

Everhome refused payment because by the time it was electronically recorded as deposited it had passed their sacred 60 Days.

They did not attempt to contact us to get our money to us. Our bank, rightly, required Everhome to produce the physical check before withdrawing the $$ from us to send back to Everhome. Three months later the $$ was withdrawn from our bank account with NO information as to why payment had been refused by Everhome. We were still not contacted by Everhome to correct the situation - yeah, they'd have loved us to just let it slide. How much $$ do they make on this sort of "glitch"?

Poor customer service when I called to get the situation corrected. Reps can only parrot that "as this is a closed loan there is no information", "this is our process", "you'll have to send a letter to claims department to open a research ticket", etc. I demanded to speak with a supervisor - this is my money that they've got due to an electronic process with no humans monitoring, and evidently only robot employees in customer service. No, it's not a lot of money, but it is rightly mine.

Supervisor was very apologetic and said he would open the claim ticket and get the check re-issued BUT that it "could take up to 20 business days" to re-issue the check. We agreed to check back with each other at about 20 business days.

I called on business day 19. Customer Service Rep said it would take 20 business days. When I tried to clarify that the supervisor had said "up to" he said, no the check wouldn't be issued until 20 business days. Even though this whole thing was their mistake in the first place? Yes. Why? Because that's our process. I hung up before I threw an F-bomb at him.

Now another call to speak with a Supervisor...when I calm down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Everhome Mortgage Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $202.

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When the home is refinanced and closed they are required by law to send you escrow in 30 days. File with the CFPB on their website and if necessary just take out a summons in magistrate court, they can be served from out of state.

Get a jury trial . You will be contacted by their legal in your State. DO not back down. Ask for punitive damages in court.

They will not want to fight it and will pay you.

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