We had started the shortsale process w/Everhome Mortgage in Sept. 2011 they kept putting up roadblocks like not enough info, we then sent them more, 1st fax to them was 121 pages long, then they stretched it out and sent a Realtor out for the BPO, would not let us know what was written.

Then they upped the price, we met their price, then they needed the second to agree, ok we got the 2nd approval letter then they finially said ok but you have to close the deal in 10 days not 10 working days now we are into the Holidays, they shut down for 3 of those days, we asked for another extension, the boss said it was approved, 2minutes later he said he had to confer with the person working the file, 1 minute later she Jessica came on the line and said she could extend it to Dec 30th if we (the agents) agreed to pay them another $500. we said ok even though it seemed like extortion and was.

Jessica said that it was extended to Jan 3rd, then the next time I talked to her she said Dec 30th we asked for another extension as the Underwriter asked for a termite report and would not fund until all Section 1 was completed..there was no way that this could be done in 2 days. Now we are back with a new contract w/Everhomes asking price and they will not grant us an extension to complete the new transaction.

I am the Real Estate agent on this and the banks do not want to let people buy homes they would rather Auction them off then work w/a good qualified buyer.

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Suffered a REAL hardship (disability) and was unable to continue to make current mortgage. B of A sold the loan to this even more horrific company.

(there are sources who say that this company is a subsidy of B of A) After three months of trying to get a modification, we were denied--stating we didn't make enough $$. So, due to disability and heart break, we opted to move out of the house, but maintain the lawns and leave the power on, in attempt to sell the house. Have gone thru two textbook buyers, offers above market value, and have now been told by Everhome that we make TOO MUCH money for a shortsale, which is just a flat out LIE. We have HUD approval for shortsale and now have enlisted them to do an investigation and intervene on our behalf.

This company is a fraudulent one, their unwillingness to proceed with an FHA loan on an extremely marketable property is unbelievable!! Our agent has never seen anything like this. We are trying to rebuild our lives after a major life altering experience, have all of the documentation to prove the hardship, and cannot believe the unscrupulous actions of this company. They have us scheduled to foreclose early November--we have had contracts on the property since March!!

We keep losing buyers because they keep dragging their feet and LYING!! Every time the house goes back on the market we have multiple offers above asking price within one week!

HUD approval was for WAY less than what these offers are for.... I hope the feds give it to them HARD!!


EverHome Mortgage has the absolute worse communication with Agents and HomeOwners. They don't explain things well and they ignore your pleas for help.

My Client can not afford their home. The loan is 49% of their gross income. It is an FHA loan, HUD approved a short sale, we have had two buyers for the home, the value is healthy in the current market. We started the process in March of this year.

Last week I am told that my clients don't qualify for a short sale as they make too much money to fit the criteria??? one of the owners was injured in 2010 and hasn't worked since. She was on disabilty up until a few months ago and now will collect a small income from Unemployment. Her husband is now the primary bread winner.

His income has actually dropped since the begining of this Short Sale Process. HUD has opened an investigation but who knows how long that will take. In the mean time the second set of buyers are getting tired of waiting for the home sale to be approved. In 29 years as a Realtor/Broker I have never seen such a scam.

I had heard that the FHA Loss Mitigation Specialists with EverHome are more interested in letting the property go to Forclosure rather than help out the consumers they are hired to assist. It is my belief that unless my Congressman steps in this Forclosure will happen! Don't even try to get a short sale through this group! If your loan is sold to them refie immediately and file a complaint.

You won't be happy in the end with this company. The representatives and field call agents are polite and co operative but there is no follow through, just weeks of draggin on and on.

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