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I refinanced with Everhome bank, I make my payments on time. Albeit Everhome sent my $$ back..I got a notice of delinquency...I called & spoke with LaToya who informed me if I make my payment that I would be current...I immediately make the payment & my payment is sent back.

Now I am charged with a delinquency I feel is unjust... after several calls to correct the problem..I hate this bank.

I wish I never heard of this bank. If i could I would refinance...I have never been late with a mortgage payment in my , you will just have to take my word on that.

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What did the letter state was the reason for sending the payment back? Or did you call and question why?

It not call and ask if it was due to unable to locate bank account... Or you stated it was a refi did Everhome already have the account?

If so was the payment set up for the old loan number and not the new loan number?

Depending on the answers to these questions I may be able to help you resolve this issue :)

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