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Your are better off working with organized crime at least you know where you stand. I had major damage at my home in February and since that time this mortgage company has basically held my insurance money hostage. Everyone who I have worked with since the damage to my home has been wonderful from the great service and response from Erie Insurance (I can not say how great they have been) to the remediator who was at my house in 1 hour to the... Read more

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Every year they underpay our taxes, even though they have been taken out of escroll. They pay $10 on another land parcel and my taxes are $1009. Then they pay the rest of the escroll to principle and want to raise my house payments. Three years in a row, now you can imagine what the house payment is now. Then they want to refinance....I have called them, gone to the court house and they first time it happened, my neighbor told me that my... Read more

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My insurance company issued my family and I, a check because we lost our home due to Sandy and Now Everhome Mortgage company believes this is there money and are using every excuse under the book to prolong them from giving us our money.Evrytime we call, its always the same excuse. You will get your money in 7 - 10 business day. Its been almost 2 years now and they are still playing games. Im taking them to court for all the stress and... Read more

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I prayed that I would one day be removed from Everhome Mortgage. Well,. thank God my prayers were answered. About 6 months ago I was notified by mail that another bank had purchased my home loan. Now lets see if there will be a class action lawsuit. / Read more

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everhome mortgage bought my contract in 2005they kept raising my escrow and it was about the same price as my mortgage kings title out of Indianapolis had given them the wrong lot number and being the lot number already had a trailer sitting on it they were charging me more taxes then necessary I was on the phone every week for a year and a half Sent them Ariel photo after photo showing where my house was setting they said there was nothing... Read more

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I fought with everhome mortgage for about 3 years trying to get my house put on the right lot I called so many times I can't remember how many it was costing me extra taxes I don't know how many aerial photos I faxed them and they kept saying there was nothing wrong I went to the county tax department they said they owed me money but couldn't give me more than two years back I had gotten ahold how's the title company I said the... Read more

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Plain and simplthe syse, did not work. Now I have a mar on my credit because I was willing to pay a late fee to pay on the 30th of the month, even in a mkonth with 31 days. Perhaps it was because it was Friday, but the monotonous voice on the recording kept repeating "to use our fully automated system to make a payment, press one". After it cycled 10 or 20 times, I went to the website where the error was "the system cannot process your payment... Read more

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I have battled with Everhome since 2007 , I tried to modify my loan and they raised my monthly payment, I spoke with them and no help whatsoever , It was impossible to deal with these people, customer service was horrible, it seems like they pick up people in the corner looking for work and have them speak with clients, they have no clue of what they are talking about! My house was forclosed on and my balance went up by 200,000 and they could... Add comment

In 2008, I went through some tough times, I contacted Everhome regarding a Forbearance. they request several documents which all were provided, unfortunately I was denied. The counselor stated that I should do a modification, all of my tax information was provided and I was approved for the modification plan. I needed to make 3 payments at the rate at which Everhome approved, which I did. Once I completed the trial they came back and said... Read more

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I have had two mortgages with Everhome (EverBank) for 30 years. I just paid them off. The loans were in my now deceased wife's name. After 4 and one half years of sending the death certificate to Everhome, they still will not discuss the loan with me. Talk about stupidity and frustration. This bank is so out of touch I sent the final payment (guessing at the amount because they won't tell me) and it was $55 short for the satisfaction... Read more

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